Couple Thinks They’re Adopting A Tiny Puppy, Then Realize The Puppy Is Something Else Entirely

Sue Markham fell head-over-heels in love with a tiny shelter puppy named Yogi Bear. Her husband said she could adopt him so long as he was NOT a big dog. So, Sue did what many dog lovers are tempted to do… She lied! She told her husband that Yogi Bear is a Jack Russell Terrier (and he believed her!)

Darren O’Brien/Mercury Press

Well, it turns out that Yogi Bear is actually a Great Dane and now, 9 years later, weighs nearly 200 lbs! Sue’s husband, Robert Markham says he was shocked when he realized the tiny puppy was not so tiny after all. He also says that it didn’t matter. He had already loved him with all his heart!

Yogi is no average Great Dane either. He’s 65 lbs over the average weight and stands at 6 feet 11 inches tall. OH EM GEE!

To be fair, Sue claims she had no idea Yogi would be this big but neither she or her husband would trade him for a smaller model. He fits his family perfectly!

Yogi is so large that he uses a horse blanket as a coat! WHOA. He also prefers to lie on the couch because dog beds are just too small for him. His parents don’t mind at all! They happily lie beside him, giving him lots of affection.

This gentle giant also loves car rides because he knows that car rides mean he’s going into town and he’s kind of a town celebrity.

Watch Yogi’s entire story below! And remember how important it is to adopt from your local shelter. Even if you’re unsure of a dog’s genetic makeup, ALL dogs deserve loving homes, big and small alike!