Suffering with a disability should NOT be harder than it already is. Sadly, many people don’t understand how easy it is to be kind and accommodating.

In busy cities, like London, many are preoccupied with themselves, in a hurry or just oblivious. One man, a former doctor named Amit Patel, lost his sight in 2012. Ever since, he has had to make adjustments so he could still be independent. And a huge aid in this has been his guide dog, Kika.



Kika nor Patel have had much luck with navigating the city streets. Patel’s wife, tired of what her husband and his dog endure, decided to strap a GoPro to Kika. The footage is eye-opening. The Patels have posted the footage to Twitter to raise awareness, not only for Amit but for Kika as well. Her job is difficult and people should be aware of her as much as possible. She will not push through crowds, crowds should do their best to make way for the them. Instead, the opposite has occurred. They’re ignored and even blocked until Amit has to call for help.

But what’s worse is that people are actually abusive toward Kika. People will even hit Kika on escalators in their rush to get by the duo. “They have loads of space to get past, but they seem to think it is fun to barge into a blind person,” Amit told the Daily Mail. “Kika always sits to my left hand side so we often block the escalator and people will hit her with bags and umbrellas to get her to move out of the way. The worst part is the tutting and negative comments behind me. People are so rude and arrogant and assume they can do whatever they want.”


The Patels only want one thing: to be treated fairly and with respect. Don’t you think that’s simple enough to do? Yea, we think so too!


GoPro records struggles of blind man and his… by cbsnews