Our dogs deserve so much because they do so much for us (and ask for little in return). A hard-working guide dog, named Ace, had the opportunity to go to Disney World with his human. Most of Ace’s trip was spent at his human’s side, doing his job. What Ace does for his human is instinctual, he can’t just shut it off. But his human wanted to know how much she appreciates and loves Ace so she took him to meet someone she knew would make his day… PLUTO!

Ace has so much love in his heart for his human. And his human knows that. What better way to reward a dog who is so selfless and kind than to take him to meet his idol!

Once Ace and Pluto come face-to-face, Ace’s reaction is pure magic. And how fitting because Disney World is a magical place!

The video below is proof that our dreams can come true! Ace, thank you for all your hard work and service! You deserve every good thing that comes your way! All good dogs do! Share this to put a smile on someone’s face today!