Dog’s Favorite Toy Comes To Life (And She Loses Her Mind!)

We love our dogs. It’s a fact! What wouldn’t we do to make them happy? Jolene is the sweetest dog and her parents want to reward her for all her good behavior. She has an obsession with her Gumby toy. No worries, it’s a healthy obsession 🙂 She takes her Gumby toy everywhere- nibbles on him, cuddles with him. They’re the best of friends.

So, her humans had a genius idea. Her dad decided to get a Gumby costume and become her toy… but life-size! Would Jolene be afraid or totally in love? It was a gamble, of course.

The camera rolls as her Gumby-Dad walks into the room. Jolene is actually in the middle of chewing on her little Gumby. She looks up from her dog bed, stands up slowly (her eyes are so wide! LOL!), then makes her way over to giant Gumby.

This is when Jolene pretty much loses her mind. The happiness, the excitement, the love she has for giant Gumby (and her dad) is just too much to deny! She attacks big Gumby like he’s a giant piece of bacon. But better! Her sibling makes his way over and she’s like, um, no Bro, this toy is mine!

Truthfully, I’ve seen thousands of dog videos but this is certainly on my top ten list. It’s just too adorable not to watch over and over again (and share!) In fact, I have it bookmarked on my computer so I can watch it when I’m having a blah day. It cheers me up instantly!