A dog park is a great source of exercise and entertainment for your pup, and some dogs LOVE them. That certainly is the case for this silly girl. She can’t get enough of them, and so her dad gets more than enough of an earful from her.

It seems he took her home early this time and didn’t let her play for long enough at the dog park this time. She does not like it. She’s not happy about it. She let her dad know how she feels.

This silly boxer sounds like a human teenage girl complaining about not being allowed to go to the movies with her friends. It’s so funny!

“But dad just 10 more minutes! Come on pleeeeeeeeeease! Daaaaaaaaaad!”

It’s almost too easy to put human words to her howls and barks. We are so glad that this happy papa recorded his little girl’s “temper tantrum.” Maybe next time she’ll get to stay those extra 10 minutes at the dog park. We hope so!

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