From Wild to Well-Behaved: Dog Training Bootcamp Transforms Two Pitbulls

This video is AMAZING. When you first meet these two pitbulls, it’s hard to imagine how these guys will be well-behaved pets. But in just 10 minutes, they’re calm, responding to the trainer’s wishes and COMPLETELY cooperative! It’s an incredible transformation!

Watch the full video to pick up ALL KINDS of tricks and tips that will help you with your dog. The secret to the method? It’s all about the dog making choices for itself. Brilliant!

Does Your Dog Know How to Fetch? It Will After You Watch This Video!

Fetch is a pretty basic command, and a terrific way to get your pooch to exercise. But have you trained your dog to fetch? This video tutorial with Mia Montagliani will teach you how in 5 easy steps. From using an object that your dog loves to why jogging backwards helps, to how to trade returned toys for treats, this video will have your dog fetching in no time!


It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Awareness Week! Spread The Word and Watch These Tips

Did you know that May 18-24 is National Dog Bite Prevention Awareness Week? It’s a SUPER important topic. Learn about some of the myths surrounding dog bites and how you can play a part to prevent them. Dr. Ilana Reisner talks about the attitudes and lack of awareness of many dog owners, and how kids especially need to be watched around dogs, even if it’s the family dog.

Dr. Reisner shares some useful and insightful information about what can provoke a dog bite… and guess what, it might not be what you think!

Should You Be Training Your Dog to Be a Scavenger?

Scavenger behavior in puppies has many benefits: it encourages them to use instincts and mental abilities on activities like search and rescue and tracking, while keeping them physically active. And in this handy video from Montana Murray Kennels, Ron Murray shows you just how to do it. Check it out and pass along the great tips from a trained pro.