A hero dog is a dog who never leaves his or her owner’s side in an emergency. This little guy took that statement to heart, and in the process pretty much cemented the fact that dogs really are man’s best friend.

This story starts when a dog owner passed out in the middle of a very busy street in Guizhou, China. And when that happened, his loyal dog refused to leave his side. The pooch’s love for his owner made him grow ten times his size… or at least, that’s what we think happened in this hero dog’s mind, because he was fearless in the face of all onlookers and refused to move.

He was so protective that he almost didn’t let the police or first responders to do their job. Once they were finally able to get the man into the ambulance, the poor dog was outside running around in circles. He was clearly very anxious.

After a couple of minutes the dog was allowed to ride along in the ambulance with his owner to the hospital.

Luckily someone was there to help the man and to film this amazing scene for all of us. The video caught fire and currently has 1.47 million views!

Dogs are a special kind of animal capable of a love that is truly special. They are loving animals and their loyalty is unquestioned. Just ask the owner of this little hero.