This Dog Had Lost ALL Hope… Until She Met this Girl!

Andrea Bocelli’s music always seem to lift the heart, but this time it’s the tale of a homeless dog named Izzy and her human sister Chloe who really inspire hope through their friendship.

After being rescued from the streets of Philly in 2013, the Animal Alliance of New Jersey took Izzy in and got her started on the long road to recovery. Izzy had been fighting to survive in the city, but dogs are no longer wild creatures. They can’t thrive in today’s urban world without a little help from their friends.

A bad skin infection, malnourishment and discomfort of her matted hair were physical problems that Izzy was able to overcome with the diligence and care of the good people at the Alliance. But living out on the streets had caused more than just physical harm to the rescued dog. The real challenge began when Izzy was able to stand on her own again; now she needed to learn to trust humans.

Even after her physical ailments had mostly healed, Izzy’s new friends noticed that she looked and behaved hopeless despite her recovery. After a while, she began to lick the fingers of her caretakers, especially those individuals who fed and walked her. (Every pup appreciates dedication!) One of the volunteers who cared for Izzy was the grandmother of a little girl named Chloe. Chloe’s mom and dad were looking for a special dog to join their family, and Chloe’s grandmother decided to introduce them to Izzy. From the moment they met, Chloe’s family knew that these two would become inseparable. Izzy’s tail wouldn’t stop wagging when she met her new best friend! And Chloe comforted the scared pooch on their way home. She wrapped her arms around the nervous pup and said, “Don’t worry Izzy, you have a big sister now.”

Now Chloe and Izzy sleep in the same bed, and share the same high energy and gentle spirit. These friends prove that love is the best medicine.