It’s heartbreaking to see how some beautiful dogs end up alone on the streets. Luckily for us, this story has a happy ending.

Rescue From The Hart Animal Rescue in Los Angeles, California got a call that there was a homeless poodle on the side of the road. The rescuers sprung to action. They spotted the homeless dog against a wall and approached her. As soon as they walked up to the dog, they could tell she was friendly. Once they got close enough to put a leash on her, she welcomed her rescuers.

When they finally picked her up, the homeless, scared little dog did something incredible. She immediately started licking her rescuer! The dog’s actions brought the rescuer to tears.

Layla, as they named the Poodle, was taken in for treatment. Unfortunately she had intestinal damage that needed urgent care. The poor doggy was in critical condition and was hospitalized for two weeks. At first, Layla was struggling to heal.

She was getting daily visits from her foster family to try and help lift her spirits. It must have been what she needed, because as the days went on, her health began to improve.

With a little love, which is all she needed, Layla got back to being a loving, playful and happy dog.

She’s now enjoying her time with her foster family, thanks to the good people of Rescue from the Hart and the loving people who took care of her.