Dog’s Owner Thought She Died Two Years Ago But Rescuers Found Her Living Alone In The Mountains

Animal control had been trying to capture a dog that was roaming around a gated community near the mountains. She was so thin that is was a miracle she was still alive. Hope For Paws came in when Animal Control failed and it’s a good thing they did!

The poor pup had lost a lot of fur,¬†you could see her bones through her skin. Her appearance was completely heartbreaking. The dog was extremely afraid of humans but she couldn’t resist the cheeseburgers her rescuers gladly fed her. The poor girl really was starving.

As rescuers continued to feed her, one snuck behind her to get the snare ready. It would be a scary few seconds, but they had to capture this poor pup. She needed medical attention and a real home. The streets, or mountains, are no place for dogs! She deserved a real home!

Finally, the skinny dog was delicately captured and placed into the car. She was scared but did very well considering. Her rescuers named her Edna. When they got back to the medical facility, they checked her for a microchip… and she had one! Turned out her original owner placed her into a new home years ago. Those owners told her that Edna had died! How horrible!

But despite the good news of finding Edna alive, her original owner wasn’t interested in taking her back. Maybe that was a blessing because… drum roll please… Edna was placed into a wonderful foster home and from there she found her forever family! A wonderful mom and human sister who absolutely adore her! No more hungry, lonely days for Edna ever again! YAY!

Photos courtesy of Hope For Paws, YouTube

When Mama Dog’s Puppies Were Taken, Rescuers Try To Reunite Them But Something Goes Wrong

A mama dog had left her litter of puppies so she could find food. All mama dogs have to eat so they produce enough milk to feed their babies. A group of kids found the puppies on their own and assumed something happened to their mom and she wasn’t coming back. They took the pups home to care for them. Mama dog came back and her pups were gone! She was heartbroken!

Once the kids learned the truth, they returned the puppies. But now the whole family needed a rescue. But mom didn’t want anyone coming close; she had lost her pups once before and was very protective. This rescue wasn’t going to be simple at all!

After some coaxing, the rescuers were able to get mom on a leash and place her with her babies. Their reunion is pure magic! Mama dog even takes some chicken from her rescuers now that she understands what is going on. Then the whole family is taken to a safe place to be bathed and evaluated.

Everyone is healthy! YAY! Next stop: Foster Care! I’m so happy this family is safe and sound AND together!

Watch the entire rescue below! Be sure to share this story so they can all find forever homes!

Stray Puppy Kept Running Away During Life-Threatening Heat Wave, So Rescuers Had To Get Creative

Eldad and his team got a call about a homeless puppy in a parking lot. The temperatures were soaring and there was no shade. The concrete was even too hot to walk on. This dog wouldn’t survive long! The puppy made her way under a car, the only relief she could find from the hot sun. But how were they going to get her out without scaring her off?

Eldad decided it was best to surround the perimeter as best as they could with a large plastic gate. They then put a net over the spot it didn’t reach. Now if the puppy got spooked, she couldn’t make her way outside the perimeter. GENIUS!

They used a snare and some maneuvering to grab the puppy. Once they brought her out, they could see she was very young and very sweet. She had mostly baby teeth and a really adorable little face!

As soon as they got her into the car, they gave her a nice cold drink. She lapped it right up!

Then it was off to the medical center for a bath and an evaluation. Her playful demeanor came out once she realized she’s in a safe place. What a baby doll!

A little creativity and persistence saved this little one’s life! Now all she needs is a forever home!

He Waited For His Family That Deserted Him For An Entire Year, How He Survived Will Break Your Heart

A family, who obviously couldn’t care less about doing the right thing, moved away and left their senior dog out on the streets. The dog didn’t know that his family wasn’t coming back for him so he waited for them at their house. Does it get any sadder than that?

Lisa and JoAnn with Hope For Paws got the call and immediately headed over to go save him. The dog was hiding in the house’s crawl space. They were able to lure him out but then he got spooked and ran back in.

In the video, Hope For Paws reminds us: “A dog is not a wild animal and is not equipped to survive by himself. Dogs are domesticated and rely on humans to provide food, shelter and much more.” They’re a thousand percent correct! Leaving a dog like this is abuse! It’s cruel and will NOT be tolerated.

When the dog comes out again, thinking his rescuers are gone, Lisa and JoAnn are able to nab him. It’s scary, sure, but it is what is best for him and be totally worth it in the end. But he doesn’t understand what is going on so he’s understandably scared.

They name him Stewie.

Stewie arrives at the vet clinic and it is there a dark secret is revealed. Stewie has been eating rocks to survive.

They give Stewie a much-needed bath but sadly discovered his body is riddled with tumors. Luckily, tests reveal that all Stewie’s tumors are benign and can be removed. YAY!

Stewie is now in his foster home, doing well and waiting to be adopted. Thank you, Hope For Paws!