Hoppy Easter! A Nutritious Feast for Fido

Easter is filled with traditions that bring the family together, like Easter egg hunts, bunny ears and, of course, Sunday brunch or dinner. This year, while you are feasting on rack of lamb or ham with hot cross buns, treat Fido to a delicious and nutritious Easter Mix-It Meal from Nulo.

A dog food recipe for Easter with Mix-It-Meals by Nulo.

Good food for good dogs.Photo by Erin Ballinger

Mix-It Meals are culinary-inspired recipes for dogs and cats. Choose from more than 290 combinations that blend a variety of flavors using Nulo’s high-meat kibble, freeze-dried raw, meaty pouches and bone broths. In addition to being tasty, they’re high in protein, low in carbs and contain a patented probiotic to promote digestion, nutrient absorption and healthy immune systems. So you’ll know your best friend is getting the nutrition he deserves.

Lily enjoys a dog food recipe for Easter using Nulo Mix-It-Meals.

“It’s worth wearing bunny ears for this!”Photo by Erin Ballinger

We’ve whipped up a yummy Nulo Mix-It Meal recipe in the BringFido Test Kitchen so you, too, can make this meaty Easter “eggstravaganza” that combines the wholesome goodness of lamb, chickpeas, duck, pears, chicken, salmon, carrots and grass-fed beef bone broth for a hearty dish that’s guaranteed to make your dog’s tongue wag and have him begging for more.

A Doggone Delicious Easter Dinner Recipe



Measure out the kibble for your Nulo Mix-It-Meal.1. Measure out the appropriate serving amount of the High-Meat Kibble Lamb & Chickpeas Recipe and pour it into a dog bowl or onto a plate.

Add freeze-dried raw food to the kibble.2. Sprinkle some Freeze-Dried Raw Duck With Pears on top of the kibble.

Add Nulo bone broth to the mix.3. Pour Grass-Fed Bone Broth over the top to hydrate the Freeze-Dried Raw and High-Meat Kibble.

Add the Chicken, Salmon & Carrot Recipe Meaty Pouch to your Easter dog food recipe.4. Top with the Chicken, Salmon & Carrot Recipe Meaty Pouch.

Fido will feast on this Easter-inspired Nulo Mix-It-Meal!5. Garnish with parsley and/or carrots and serve with love.

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