When people see big dogs, they think “Wow, he’s intimidating” or “Jeez, that dog must be a handful.” What non dog owners don’t know is that many big dogs are also giant babies. Some of them actually think they are people. And others are terrified of the weirdest things… like kittens.

Many a big dog is convinced he or she is a lap dog. These oversized pooches think they are tiny and their rightful place in on their owners lap. Small and even medium sized dogs can get away with that, but large dogs, not so much.

Check out this St. Bernard. He saw his owner lying on the couch and knew it was time to make a move. Because, is there a more comfy spot to lay down than on top on his owner? Of course not. These wonderfully light dogs (yes, that was sarcasm, and a whole 260 pounds of it) can be much more than a handful. But you try telling him to get off… especially when he slobbers you with love!

Another poor owner was sitting on his favorite chair when his Mastiff decided that sitting on top of him was a great idea. Mastiffs can weigh more than most humans. If we’re honest, it’s pretty hilarious to watch him try and act like this was normal.

Other dogs, however, think they’re humans. What do we mean by that? Well, check out this Great Dane. He’s just relaxing by putting his butt on the chair and his feet on the floor. If that doesn’t scream “I’m a human,” we don’t know what does.

Finally, we have what we call the big babies. These are big dogs that are scared of absolutely everything. These dogs could strike fear in people if they so desired, but they don’t know any better. One dog refuses to get his toy that landed next to the mirror. He would normally get it but it turns out that he’s terrified of the really big dog on the other side of the mirror who seems to be going for the same toy. No thanks.

Just look at the big bad Doberman. She sees a tiny toy creeping around the corner and her owner makes a barking sound. Her reaction? She takes off.

We all also have a big, mean, nasty Rottweiler messing with a chicken. The ironic part is the real chicken was the rotty (I personally owned one, and the only thing he was capable of doing was licking you to death. Awesome pet, terrible guard dog).

The bottom line is that big dogs are awesome. Even the big babies.