He Put a Hoverboard Under His Dog’s Bed. What Happened Next? Magic Carpet Ride!!

We’ve seen dogs skateboard, ride on motorcycles, drive cars, and even paddle boards, but this jack russell dog has just become the most stylish traveler of them all. She can get her human to take her for a magic carpet ride. You read that right!

Sasscha is a sweet little pup that lives in the Netherlands. She doesn’t let the cold winter weather stop her from having any fun, though. If anything, being stuck in doors is what gets her and her humans to be so creative.

They couldn’t go outside, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t show them a whole new world inside the house. We couldn’t help but imagine this video set to one of Disney’s most popular songs, “A Whole New World.” Do you think your pup would enjoy a magic carpet ride as much as this princess does?

Source: Dog enjoys hilarious "magic carpet ride" by hwanschers on Rumble