He Left His Dog Alone And Went For A Shower. What The Dog Did Is Hilarious! And Costly! Silly Dog.

Everyone who has ever had a dog knows this feeling. You leave your dog alone for a while and he’s just playing around. You return to find something expensive chewed up and destroyed!

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They set up a camera because they couldn’t understand why their bed was a mess.

I would NEVER own a Husky ANYWAY. (They look EVIL!) But IF I did and it did THIS? I’d get rid of it. (I WOULDNT leave my things around or get it going like the owners of this one did. So. if it did this to me, well, BAD dog!) Still, I’d never own one…

Huskies are wonderful dogs, but when they shed a couple of times a year, caretakers must be prepared for the amount of work it is to brush and care for these dogs.

This video does seem like it was set up, and that was a fake phone or a broken one or old one.

But you go ahead and leave a phone on the bed. If the dog is the only other being in the house obviously he is messing up the bed. The bed was not that messed up either.

i agree! and it seems like they tied his legs or their is something wrong with them and thats why the dog is freaking out. these people are sick! and flashing on the end was gross too. bad dog owners!

This dog has big problems with separation. So you have to work on this. The video shows how stressed out he gets to be left alone. Maby a cage could be good for him. Put him in a cage with a blanket covering 3 sides of it when he needs to be alone, that would probably make him feel calmer.

Lets pet the dog for chewing the phone.. duh its definitely your fault for leaving it but the dog still needs to know he shouldn’t chew on anything laying around the house… but guess you messed up along time ago cause he is obviously 2+ years old.. and People need to get over this obsession with Huskies.. i have yet to meet one that isn’t either poorly trained or they are just wild overly hyper animals.. but they are soooooooooooo cute so they can do no wrong.. right… proud German shepherd owner.. and not because how they look.

if you watch other videos posted by Kronc27 he had problems with his back legs, and one was removed theres more videos that show it

So much for people enjoying a nice dog being silly and him killing a loliphone. Relax people…

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