She Fell Through The Ice Into The Pond. Now Watch The Firemen Go To Work.

It’s the winter, and with the change of season comes dangers to your pup. So be careful when you go on your walks. ┬áThe floor might be covered in ice, and although the lake looks frozen over you never know if that ice is going to give way.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to poor Boo. She was walking around and probably stumbled onto this icy pond, only to fall through the ice before making it to the other side. Someone caught sight of her though, and her luck soon changed.

The local firemen worked hard and fast to get her out of the freezing water and into some warm towels and blankets. You might think that she has the worst luck in the world, but we think that isn’t true. She might have fallen through the ice, but now she has lots of new friends who will take care of her. She is one lucky dog!