Mister Matzo is in quite a bit of trouble, but don’t you worry too much, he knows just how to get out of it. Or should we say “slink” out of it?

When his human came back from an outing, she noticed that Matzo had gotten into the trash and made a complete mess of it. As she went to scold him, she noticed his funny reaction. So she made this hilarious video, and we thank her!

This guilty dog must have seen enough videos of guilty dogs reacting to their owners to know that cute faces and apologetic body language are not enough to get them out of trouble. So he came up with a new way to avoid a scolding.

His human calls it “slinking” away, and we think it’s the most accurate way of describing his actions. As soon as she starts talking to him, Matzo makes eye contact (a trait not usually seen in guilty dogs) and slowly, very slowly starts pushing himself away from her.

“No mom, I’m not going anywhere. It’s all in your head. Yes, mom, I’m listening to you.”

What a clever boy!