Here Are 2015’s Most Popular Dog Names. Did YOUR Pup’s Name Make the List?

As the end of 2015 draws near, Rover has come out with their annual “Most Popular Dog Names” article. Go ahead and check it out. It’s very cool and very informative! We loved their giant chart!

So are you ready to know if your pup has a popular name? We were very curious, and super excited when we found out Max was the top dog (pun intended)! Here is the annual chart:

Top Dog Names by Rover

They also shared a bunch of top dog names by categories. Their lists are: top food names, top drink names, animal names, pop culture names, name brands, and sports names. Here are their Top Pop Culture Names:

  1. Bella (Twilight)
  2. Maggie (The Walking Dead)
  3. Luna (Harry Potter)
  4. Piper (OITNB)
  5. Bruno (Bruno Mars)
  6. Cookie (Empire)
  7. Alex (OITNB)
  8. Harry (Harry Potter)
  9. Miley (Miley Cyrus)
  10. Yoda (Star Wars)

Share with us if your pet has a popular name or if you just think their name is clever or unique. We would love to know 🙂