If you thought you were musically talented, you ain’t seen nothing yet! We found a musical prodigy in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk, and we’re still blown away by what he can do.

A flute player set up in a city square and started performing like he has done so many times before. But this performance would be different from any other.

While he was playing, an unknown musician was making his way toward him. Upon hearing the sounds of the flute, this singer couldn’t help but join in.

Normally street musicians don’t really play well with others, but this flute player made an exception, because this musical dog would not be silenced.

The street musician and onlookers alike couldn’t help but enjoy (and give the flute player money) when the dog started singing along. The funny part is that it this dog was never meant to be part of the act; he was just a stray who was attracted to the sounds of the flute.

While the flautist is quite talented, a good chunk of the money he made that day had to do with the crowd being in love with this awesome musical dog.

After a long day of performing (and earning money), we hope this pooch got at least a meal out of it.

If you’re ever in European Square in Dnepropetrovsk, keep an eye out for this talented dog. He might even sing you one of his famous tunes.