Family Turns To Facebook After Their Puppy Was Stolen, Robber’s Response Surprises Everyone!

In Melbourne, Australia, an 8-week-old puppy named Sasha, was stolen from the Hood’s family home this past Monday. Along with Sasha, a laptop, iPads, passports, and jewelry were also taken. The family was devastated by the break-in and although the items would be missed, the only thing that truly concerned them was Sasha and her safety. Unlike the material things, Sasha is irreplaceable.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Police

The Hood family’s 4-year-old daughter Maia felt Sasha’s loss the most. The two had formed an unbreakable bond. Maia spent every night sleeping in Sasha’s dog bed instead of sleeping in her own. The Victoria police commissioner, Graham Ashton, and Maia’s father, Ryan Hood, took to Facebook to address the thieves personally, hoping to appeal to their human side. If there was one.

Hood expressed the loss his family was feeling, especially his daughter. “[She] was her best friend and we’re just hoping that we can get her back,” Hood added. “The family feels incomplete without her around.” Then, overnight as the family slept, Sasha was left in their backyard, in perfect health. None of the other stolen items were returned but the family is grateful that what was truly missed the most is finally home, safe and sound! “We like to think that whoever took her grew a conscience, but possibly they were spooked by all the media attention,” Hood told Australian publication Tenplay. “Either way, we are just happy to have her back.”  And we are happy to see a little girl smile again!

Police Officer Shoots Dog Just For Saying “Hello”

A beloved family dog, named Duke, was doing what good dogs do best: he was investigating visitors that had come onto his property by sticking his head out of his doggy door. What should have been a meet and greet, turned into a tragedy.

Police officers in the lake community of Ocoee, Florida, came to the Brooks’ neighborhood to investigate a boat that had nothing to do with the Brooks family or Duke. They too owned a boat and it’s assumed that since their boat was covered, they had come to ask some questions.

The Brooks’ property was fenced in. They were perfectly good people. Duke had never had a run-in with another dog or with another person. In fact, at 11-years-old, he was just an old gentle dog that loved hanging out with his family, especially their one-year-old son.

The entire event unfolded in front of an eyewitness. It was posted on Facebook by Lisa Brooks. She wrote: “Hearing a noise, our sweet 11-year-old dog, Duke ran out of his doggy door to greet his new ‘friend.’ The police officer pulled out his gun and shot him (Duke) in the head.”

What is most startling is that there was no apparent reason for this to have happened! Duke did not approach the officer in a threatening manner. He did not growl or show his teeth. He was only saying “hello” and checking out who had come to visit. While officers do need to carry firearms for their protection, should they be allowed to use them in situations where they’re irrationally afraid? AND then not have to be held accountable for it?

Lisa Brooks goes on to explain what she had told animal control officers once they arrived on the scene two hours later: ” ‘Did it (Duke) bite anybody?’ No…HE was just at HIS home in HIS fenced yard where he was supposed to be safe.”

She added: “We are scared and we are worried. We are scared that a police man walked through the gate of our home and inflicted this violence at our front door for no good reason. We are scared that pulling his gun and using deadly force was his first course of action when many others could have and should have been used. We are scared because he showed no remorse. We are worried because this officer was back at work right after the incident. We are worried because it doesn’t appear that he will receive any repercussions from his actions or additional/corrective training. We are worried because the next time this officer feels ‘threatened’ he may very well take the same action and it may not be a dog that suffers.”

May Duke Brooks Rest In Peace. May all your dogs be safe. And may all the police officers out there be safe as well (but also understand that they are not above the law).

Lisa Brooks’ entire Facebook post can be read below:

Is THIS Responsible Dog Breeding? The Ethical Complications of Backyard Breeding

There are standards that have been placed on dog breeding by the law and the general ethical conscience of the dog community. These standards demand the humane treatment of the dogs they wish to breed and any of the offspring they have. Sadly, there are certain types of breeders out there  who don’t follow these guidelines.

Organizations or individuals that dedicate their lives to learning the genetical science behind dog breeding are considered reputable breeders. These people acknowledge the difficult and complex science behind breeding two dogs, and understand that there are certain regulations one should follow in order to create healthy offspring.

And then there are amateur breeders who wish to focus on advancing specific traits (whether they be healthy for the dog or not)… they are known as backyard breeders. Some have taken up dog breeding as a way to make easy money while others are actually interested in learning about breeding. Unfortunately, it seems that this practice has led to vast overpopulation in dog shelters today. Most puppies who are purchased today come from backyard breeding; two thirds of dogs in the USA, to be exact. And since these individuals are unfamiliar with the science behind what they are doing, the litters have many birth defects, which then lead their owners to dropping them off at a shelter or a pound. It’s a sad truth, but irresponsible backyard breeding has contributed to the overproduction of dogs. These breeders treat dogs as if they were a product just for profit instead of a living creature.

There’s a negative reputation surrounding the label of backyard breeders due to their perceived unethical attitudes and practices. While it’s true that some backyard breeders do in fact practice responsible breeding, there is a science behind dog breeding that isn’t common knowledge. It is so complex that the consequences can be deadly for the offspring. These people are also believed to have a for-profit mentality that rivals that of puppy mills and dog fighting pits. Both of these activities are unethical due to the inhumane treatment of the dogs by their owners.

Here are some ways to differentiate these two kinds of breeders, and some information on why backyard breeding can be a bad idea. There are certainly people who feel strongly about the practice because of the possible negative consequences.

What do you think about backyard breeders? All the information we were able to find suggests that this breeding is an activity which produces the best results when highly regulated. Is the unregulated world of backyard breeding something that should be tolerated in our community?

BREAKING: Petco Groomer Caught on Video Abusing Dog

Warning: This  video may want to make you punch someone! Many Petco stores offer grooming services, but an employee at this particular store in Atlanta went from dog grooming to dog abuse… and it was all caught on camera. Here’s what happened:

Petco’s grooming stations have a glass front where customers can watch their pooches get clipped and brushed. It’s a great idea and a fun way for the retail chain to keep customers engaged with their pets during grooming time. But it also shines a very bright spotlight on the employees hired to perform these services.

And a concerned customer caught one employee handling a dog very roughly during a normal grooming routine. According to the eyewitness, the groomer was trying to cut the dog’s nails when the pooch pulled his paw away. The groomer then started smacking the table and grabbing at the dog’s leg. When the poor dog started panicking, the employee yanked two more times at the leg.

The woman recorded the abuse and immediately went inside to complain to the manager. The manager’s response? “I’ll try to say something to him.” The woman posted the video on her Facebook page and it quickly went viral.

Petco responded to the video, saying “There are strict grooming protocols in place to ensure the safety and well-being of pets, and we are very concerned by the conduct of the groomer in this video.” They went on to say that, after a thorough investigation, Petco had fired the employee in question.

In the video, the employee’s face has been blurred out but you can clearly see the dog being abused. Take a look and let us know what you think!