The 22 “Pugliest” Christmas Sweaters of 2020!

Without parties and family get-togethers, the holidays may feel different in 2020, but there is one thing that we can always count on to put us in the spirit … dogs in Christmas attire! While some of our furry friends are happy to model their festive garb, others have made it clear they’ll be leaving us a gift under the tree later. See if you can tell who’s making the naughty list this year.

Margot was okay with the sweater, but the lights went a step too far.

enter image description here

”Is this really necessary?”Photo by @margot_the_beagle_

Miss Pickles is a Christmas fashionista.

enter image description here

“No one rocks a penguin sweater like I do.”Photo by @miss.picklesthepug

Don’t be fooled by the frown. Walter’s actually enjoying his winter wear.

enter image description here

“This is my happy face.”Photo by @walter_sourmug

Jago asked “Santa Paws” to bring him all the treats.

enter image description here

“Whatever it takes to get those biscuits.”Photo by @rottweiler.jago

Christmas card photos with the whole family can be “ruff.”

enter image description here

“This. Is. Ridiculous.”Photo by @amber__washington

But they don’t have to be.

enter image description here

“Everyone looks this way and say “treats!”Photo by @knoxandbear

Duncan knows he better be good for goodness sake.

enter image description here

“I wonder if I’m allowed to hike my leg on this tree.”Photo by @liferunsonduncan

Grizzi and Samson will pull out all the stops to get their names on the Nice list.

enter image description here

“Whatever makes the humans happy, Samson, let’s do it.”Photo by @samson_and_grizzi

Christmas is the “pawfect” time to pass down family traditions.

enter image description here

“They do this every year. You’ll get used to it.”Photo by @marleemagoo

Bella’s hoping they don’t put her to work in Santa’s workshop.

enter image description here

“Does this hat make my ears look big?”Photo by @bella.n.oakley

In 2020 it’s okay to get all dressed up with nowhere to go.

enter image description here

“Bark! The herald angels sing …”Photo by @lovealwaysnova

Okay, maybe not everyone feels that way.

enter image description here

“Is Christmas over yet?”Photo by @ladypigopotamusa

Maybe it’s less embarrassing when the humans wear one too.

enter image description here

“This is definitely more my style.”Photo by @ladythelovelycocker

Mannie would like to make a toast to his four-legged, sweater-wearing friends.

enter image description here

“I don’t know if there’ll be snow, but have a cup of cheer.”Photo by @manniemeegschiefofsecurity

For warm-weather pups like Ivey and Olive, Christmas sweaters are more than just a fashion statement.

enter image description here

“Turtlenecks are so practical and warm.”Photo by @iggysisters

Monty is ready to join in all the reindog games.

enter image description here

“Don’t expect me to guide any sleighs with this on.”Photo by @monty.cavapoo

And Ollie is ready to go “Dachshund through the snow.”

enter image description here

“Happy ‘Howlidays.’”Photo by @bygollymisterollie

Your pup can make a statement with his sweater …

enter image description here

“We’re gonna need a bigger sleigh.”Photo by @ziggyandzelda

Even the most obvious of statements.

enter image description here

“Do you have to point out that it’s ugly?”Photo by @harvestimetaylormade

No Christmas sweater is going to take away Bear’s self-confidence.

enter image description here

“Feliz Navidog.”Photo by @bearthebiggraydog

Poe is no “bah-hum-pug!”

enter image description here

“You’re not posting that on Facebook, are you?”Photo by @poe_thepug

Of course, we don’t want canines to steal all the holiday cheer. We love festive felines, too!

enter image description here

“I hope you’re not too attached to the ornaments on that tree.”Photo by @benchleyparkbenchley

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Here Comes Santa Paws! Where to Get Photos of Fido with Santa in 2020

While Dr. Fauci put us all at ease when he announced that Santa Claus has “innate immunity” from COVID-19, gathering for photos with Kris Kringle and his helpers is looking a bit different this holiday season. Check out these pet-friendly options for new and creative ways to safely interact with the big guy and still get your traditional photos of Fido with Santa in 2020.

Be sure to review this “nice list” of tips for getting the most precious portrait of your Christmas canine with jolly old St. Nick before your big day.

1. Start Fresh – Take a tip from the pros and bring your pup’s comb and some pet wipes with you so he is perfectly groomed for his photos. And don’t forget to shine up his pearly whites to capture those sweet smiles.

2. Dress to Impress – If you want to add a little extra pizzazz to her pic, a classy Christmas dress (make that a festive bow tie for the gents) or reindeer antlers are always a great addition for the occasion.

3. Bring the Treats – The secret to getting award-winning puppy grins? Reward your good boy’s behavior (or bribe him) with some of his favorite snacks.

4. Get Involved – Put your pooch at ease and capture her attention by standing where she can see you. If she’s a bit camera shy, ask if you can pop in the photo with her! If you’re the one taking the shot, make sure to get down on her level for the most angelic angle.

5. Embrace the Imperfections – Sometimes, the silliest Christmas pics make the best holiday memories.

6. Spread Cheer – Sharing a sweet, silly, or sentimental photo of your pup with Santa is the best way to spread holiday cheer. Make sure to #BringFido for a chance for your furry elf to be featured.

1. Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s

Great Dane poses with puppies in front of Bass Pro Shops Santa with face shield in 2020.

These puppies’ first Santa experience. – Photo by

At Santa’s Wonderland inside Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s store locations, Fido can pose for a free photo with the top elf, Mr. Claus, while practicing social distancing. Their innovative setup includes a Magic Santa Shield that provides a glare-free clear protective barrier at all times to allow for a contactless experience.

Advance reservations are required for all guests and can be made online. Spots are limited to allow for appropriate physical distancing and additional cleaning between each visit. Santa will be in-store until December 24. You’ll receive a free 4×6 studio-quality portrait of your dog with St. Nick, and other photo packages and Christmas cards are available for purchase and instant print at the store.

2. Hang With Santa and Goats

Lancaster, PA

Santa Claus and goats available for pet and family photos in 2020.

Santa and goats and an Amish Christmas Market, all in one day! – Photo by The Amish Farm and House

Baby goats, Santa Claus, and hot cocoa … need we say more? The Amish Farm and Home in Lancaster, PA is hosting a Photos with Santa & Goats on the Farm event where you can have your family Christmas picture taken – including your four-legged family members – alongside baby goats in Santa’s sleigh. After posing with the goats and the G.O.A.T., enjoy fun pet-friendly activities on the farm and shop for last-minute Christmas gifts at the market. Come hungry, because The BBQ Barn at the Amish Farm and House will be serving up lunch one last time for the season.

The event is happening from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 19. Masks are required when taking tours and when entering buildings, and visitors are asked to social distance while they’re on the property.

3. Virtual Pet Pics with St. Nick

Dog photo with Santa Claus.

Photo by Portland Pet Stores

If getting on-site with Santa is just not feasible this year, you can still get your annual photo of Fido with the man in the red suit. Virtual photos with Santa events abound, and some are even designed specifically for pets!

This COVID-Safe Holiday Pet Photos with Santa event puts your jingle pup in a photo holiday scene with Papa Noel. All you need to do is choose your background and upload a photo of your crew, and they’ll provide you with a high-quality photo and a special festive video. Proceeds from the event help support the Portland-based Brown Hope and The Pongo Fund.

Other virtual holiday photo options designed specifically for your pet include Pet Photos with Santa by Create Holiday Magic, which also offers a live virtual experience with Santa Claus and PetSmart’s Spoil and Snap promotion, where you can find free Santa photo frames on the PetSmart® mobile app.

4. Claus Smiles for a Pet-Friendly Cause

Greensboro, NC

Santa Claus and elves pose for a pet photos with Santa event.

Picture your pet cheesin’ with this crew! – Photo by

Brookhaven Mill Farm is hosting a meet and greet with Kris Kringle for a good cause. At Pet Photos with Santa, you bring the camera and the canines, and the Farm will supply Santa and the adorable setting. Mrs. Claus will be on hand to assist if you want to be in the shot, too. A photoshoot is $5, and all proceeds benefit Guilford County Animal Control. A donation box will also be set up to accept any dog toys, blankets, pet food, litter or cleaning supplies to benefit the shelter animals. The Snack Shack will be open to serve hot and cold food and beverages, and guests on two legs and four are encouraged to walk around and visit the farm.

The event will be held from 12 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, December 19. The Farm requests that guests follow social distancing guidelines and wear face masks. Dogs must be leashed while exploring the property.

5. Local Shops Hosting Father Christmas

Dog in Santa hat grins for photoshoot.

Ho, ho, woof. – Photo by Unsplash/Duffy Brook

Local businesses around the country are finding safe ways to host Santa in-person for pics with your pet this holiday season. A few upcoming events include:

Pictures with Santa Paws – Clarksville, TN

Pet Photos with Santa – Sharpsburg, PA

Pet Photos with Santa – Brentwood, CA

Pet Photos with Santa – Lombard, IL

Pet Photos with Santa – Las Vegas, NV

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Police Find Missing Husky, Confirm His Identity When He Sings His “Favorite Song”

It’s no surprise that Siberian Huskies are very vocal dogs; and by vocal, I don’t mean barking. Huskies are known to howl, and there are plenty of videos across social media of huskies “talking.”

Huskies were originally bred to pull sleds and live together in packs, so they are very vocal because they had to communicate throughout their work.

Youtube/The Jerusalem Post

This same trait is the very reason one Husky was able to reunite with his family.

A group of teenagers found the Husky, who looked malnourished and weak, in a field outside of Beersheba, Israel.

They brought the dog to the Israeli police who took him in and gave him first aid. Then they realized that this dog matched the description of a Husky who had been reported missing out of the same city.

Youtube/The Jerusalem Post

They contacted the dog’s potential owners, who told police that they knew the perfect way to confirm that this was their missing pup.

The owners told the police to play the theme song from the dog’s favorite TV show, “Shemesh.” If he began to sing along, it was, without a doubt, their beloved pet.

Youtube/The Jerusalem Post

Once the officers start playing the song, the Husky instantly perks up and begins howling along. The owner, and police, knew right away that this was the missing Husky!

His owner then rushed to the police station to reunite with his furry best friend!

Will You Take the Dog Bowl Challenge?

Help Canines-N-Kids #LickCancer

The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness of cancers that can afflict both children and dogs. The group was founded with the goal of bringing together pediatric and veterinary oncologists to work creatively and constructively on finding treatments.

In December 2020, Canines-N-Kids rolled out a fun and tasty campaign to spread the word about their mission and to raise funds: The Dog Bowl Challenge.

Ready for the Dog Bowl Challenge

Photo by BringFido/Jessica Roberts

Accept the Dog Bowl Challenge

The #DogBowlChallenge encourages people to either participate or donate to cancer research – or better yet, both! Contributions of any size are appreciated and can be made at

Step 1: Prepare for the Challenge

Grab a can of whipped cream, two clean dog bowls, and a friend with opposable thumbs to video the challenge. While it’s safe for pups to enjoy a small amount of whipped cream on special occasions like this one, if your pooch doesn’t do well with dairy, you can swap it for a spoonful of peanut butter or other pet-safe but messy human food.

Step 2: Nominate Participants

Introduce the challenge to your viewers, and nominate three other participants who want to help #LickCancer. Canines-N-Kids has provided the following script to help:

Dog Bowl Challenge Script

Step 3: Fill the Bowls, Race Fido

Dish up a dollop of whipped cream in one bowl for you and a second bowl for Fido. Then, join your pooch on all fours and attempt to finish your treat before he does. Just don’t forget to start recording first!

TIP: Ask a human companion to put the bowls down for you both so your pup doesn’t get a head start. Check out how Fern and Harriet got it done!

Step 4: Share, Share, Share!

Upload your video to any and all of your social media accounts, and be sure to tag The Canines-N-Kids Foundation and your three challenge nominees in your post! Include the hashtags #DogBowlChallenge and #LickCancer in your caption to help spread the word.

The Canines N Kids Foundation raises awareness and money for canine and pediatric cancers.

Photo by @caninesnkids

Step 5: Donate

Looking to spread cheer and generosity during this season of giving? Include a donation of your own. Canines-N-Kids is focused entirely on raising money to benefit clinical trials for canine and pediatric cancer patients, and advocating treatments for patients that are humane, provide or improve quality of life, and ultimately benefit them in their battle against cancer. To learn more about the organization and to donate, visit

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