Dogs Don’t Appreciate Magic Trick

Ok, we love magic as much as anyone, but this Jose Ahonen character takes it too far. I mean, seriously? Disappearing dog tricks? No wonder the reactions range from confusion to fear to downright anger (you tell ’em, Sälli!); although we also kinda like Dumle’s theory that if he just throws in an extra lick or two, the treats will reappear.

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4 Common Dog Behaviors and What They Really Mean

Guess what? Your dog knows its left from its right. At least, when it comes to the way it wags its tail. And it may not be the secret dog messages you might suspect occurs when dogs meet each other.  Tail-wagging is one of the most common (not to mention heartwarming and smile-inducing and ) things our dogs do all the time. But did you know that even the simplest behaviors may have unexpected meanings?

Here are 4 common canine habits and what they may mean.

1. Wag This Way 

In a 2007 study by Giorgio Vallortigara, PhD, of the University of Trento, 30 dogs were introduced to a series of visual stimuli in a controlled environment. These images ranged from positive (the dog’s owner, for example) to negative (an unknown dominant male dog). The study found that a wag to the right was a reaction to something positive, while a wag to the left indicated an anxious, uncertain or negative emotion. In addition, a dog that saw another dog wag one way would often respond to that behavior and wag the same way. You can read all about the study, which was  published in Current Biology,

Denver, the Guiltiest of Guilty Dogs

If you haven’t seen Denver’s guilty face by now, you’re missing out on one of the all-time worst poker faces in history. While Macie plays it über-cool, Denver just can’t help himself. He absolutely collapses under interrogation, and the result is one of the most famous viral dog videos around.

And if you’ve seen it before, go ahead and click once more. We dare you not to laugh. And not to SHARE!

Denver, we love you buddy. But you have to work on your “Who, me?” look.

Some Dogs Just Don’t Want to Bathe

Turn into vampire dog!
Bare teeth of death!
Display gravity-defying acrobatic skills!

If these are direct results of your dog not wanting to take a bath, you’re not alone. These furry friends will do just about anything to avoid bath time, and their tricks go way beyond rolling over and playing dead (one of them goes for the zombie dead look, but we’re guessing it didn’t work).

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