A Virginia woman is mourning the loss of her beloved dog after a tragedy at a local Petco grooming station. Allison Marks dropped Colby, her golden retriever, off at a Petco store in Chesterfield County for a routine grooming. Colby, who had just turned 2 in February, had no health problems.

When Marks didn’t hear back from Petco, she called the store and was told to meet the store’s assistant manager at a local animal hospital. When she arrived, the manager told her that Colby had been accidentally left in a heated drying cage for too long. It was an error by the groomer, who apparently left because they had to leave to be at a graduation.

The  veterinarian said that Colby had likely died of heat stroke. Chesterfield Animal Control will be investigating further.

Petco issued a statement expressing its regret and sadness for the tragedy and taking full responsibility for all animals under their care.


It’s a shocking and heartbreaking way for a woman to lose the companion who had become more than a best friend.

Our hearts go out to the Marks family.