Has anyone created a more uplifting song than Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” in recent memory? The song that spawned happy dances from around the world, from Sydney to Sarajevo, has an infectious quality that practically demands your body to get moving. And guess what? That applies to dogs too! And when you mix a happy song with a day at the beach, you get a truckload of happy dogs!

We’re not sure who offers a take-you-dog-to-the-beach field trip, but we want to sign up! These dogs look like they come from all walks of life (or at least, from all kinds of homes), but they are more than happy to get along together. Now, most dogs like water, so when a dozen dogs are taken to the beach together, it’s already an awesome play date! Add a Pharrell soundtrack, and it’s practically impossible not to smile and nod along to this clip. Make sure your volume is up, and don’t forget to give mad respect to the cat! That kitty is the boss!

The cat in this video is definitely in charge and not afraid to show it, but he’s getting along with all of the other pooches. And when the cat surfs, it’s pretty much a given that he runs the show. We’re pretty sure it was the cat who made all the dogs rinse off after their day at the beach, because that’s just proper beach etiquette. And when it comes to etiquette and grooming, we’ll happily admit that cats are the top dogs.

We’re just happy that whoever organized this awesome trip was smart enough to capture it all on camera. Watch these merry pooches frolicking on the beach under feline supervision, and please ‘SHARE‘ if this video made you HAPPY!