This video is going to make you smile so much you’ll never look at Pit Bulls the same way again. Pit bulls sometimes get a bad rap, but our friend Aria is here to show you just how awesome and patient these wonderful dogs can be.

It looks like Aria is just lying there minding her own business when this video starts rolling. You know, just chilling, when all of a sudden the camera moves to the right and you see someone hiding behind the pit bull’s ear. Apparently, Red the guinea pig loves playing hide-and-go-seek with people, and his favorite hiding spot is right behind his ferocious pit bull buddy’s ear.

The truth is, it almost worked. We could barely see her at first. Well played, Aria and Red! Who knew guinea pigs and pit bulls were so good at this game?

The best part about the video is how Aria just takes it all in stride. For one, she never, ever gives up her buddy’s hiding spot until the jig is up. And even when Red begins messing with her ear, she didn’t move a muscle, nor did she ever make an angry gesture.

This pit bull is a perfect example of having a responsible owner teaching their dog how to act. It doesn’t matter if they own a pit bull or a chihuahua, a bad owner makes a bad dog.

Luckily, Aria has a good owner, because she’s a good dog. And a great hiding place.