A dog’s life is hard enough. It’s even harder when they need to share their treats and toys with other dogs at home. How uncool is that?

We definitely don’t like sharing out snacks. But these two polite dogs have it harder than most pooches. They constantly get upstaged by one of their furry friends.

Dozer the Labrador was happily enjoying a midday treat from his Mom when his canine friend crashed the party and wanted his share of potato chips too. Like a well-mannered guest, he sat and waited for his snack.

Then things get interesting. When their Mom turned around, she found someone else who had joined in on the action: J.R. the pet kangaroo showed up full of energy wanting a potato chip of his own.

It didn’t stop there. Oh no: J.R. also sits politely to get in on the chip action. And that’s just not fair: he’s taller! Dozer moves in to secure his share of the treats, and for a while the three friends share in the chipfest. But when Dozer starts to get greedy (they were his chips, after all), guess what happens? The kangaroo starts pulling him back! Smart guy.

Yup, it’s a hard life for a dog, especially when there are cute kangaroos around. But we’d love to spend a day or two in that house, where a wonderful cast of characters seem to live in harmony. At least, until the chips arrive.

You can tell that these three are BFFs who know that sharing is caring. And the way they sit still and wait for Mommy to feed them their treats is just adorable!