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Her Puppy Kept Escaping So She Set Up A Surveillance Camera. The Footage Blew Her Away!


Adopting young puppies comes with a lot of responsibilities. Because they are not trained or housebroken, LOTS of rules need to be learned before they can be trusted to wander around on their own. Not just to protect our homes from “messes” but for their safety as well! For many families, crate training is the perfect solution.

When this family adopted their new puppy, Sophie, they decided to place her in her crate for training purposes and to make sure their older (and much larger!) dog, Twitch, didn’t get her into things she wasn’t quite ready for.

But every single time the family locked the puppy up, Sophie would escape! The family could NOT figure it out so they did what modern-day folks do, they set up a surveillance camera to see what was going on. They did not expect the footage to be THIS GOOD!

We worry, when we add a new addition, that our first dog will feel slighted or not like the new pet but Twitch proved that there is always room in one’s heart for a fluffy puppy! Watch the video below for some serious “Awwwww’s.” Seriously, how can anyone not LOVE dogs?!