A sleeping puppy may be one of the most adorable sights in the the known universe. It’s a fact! But this little guy is just something else. Not only does he have this whole sleeping thing down, but he just refuses to wake up… no matter what.

There are light sleepers, there are heavy sleepers, and then there’s this puppy. His owner was on a mission to wake up the little guy. But this cute puppy was having none of that.

She just kept calling his name, but she got no response. His owner would poke him and this guy had no idea. She put a finger in his ear. His response? Snore. She lifts his leg, and … nothing. This sleeping beauty just snoozes on.

Cleo, we’re sure, was having a dream that he was getting a massage. We must say, we’re kind of jealous at the deep sleep this cute puppy is getting. It’s truly hilarious to see Cleo enjoying his nap like that.

What is apparent is that he’s in a good space and feels safe. If he wasn’t comfortable, he wouldn’t sleep like that.

We just hope that after a long nap like that he doesn’t stay up all night. You’re still young Cleo, but remember, nothing good comes of being awake after 2 am!