For the officers of West Hartford Police Department, ALL who put their lives on the line, deserve to be honored!

Reign, a 14-year-old K-9 officer, worked for six years with his human partner Rosario Savastra before retiring in 2012.

Town Of West Hartford Police Department, Facebook

As Reign’s age progressed and his health began to significantly fail, it was humanely decided to put him down. But first, his fellow officers arranged an honor ride ceremony where his loyal police family lined up outside the station house and saluted Reign as he took his final ride with Officer Savastra.

After serving the department, Reign retired to become a loyal and loving family dog to the Savastras. “It’s hard to put into words because he was everything, he was a great police dog,” Savastra said. “He was hardcore and then he would come home and it was like flicking a light switch, he’d be so loving to my family.”

Fox 61, Video Source

Lt. Eric Rocheleau, a fellow K-9 Officer in West Hartford, said that “He was completely energetic, but was social too which was great,”
He added, ”Reign was as serious as a heart attack to bad guys but you brought him in the station and everybody loved him.”

That evening, after Reign’s honorary final ride, family and friends gathered in support at the Savastra home to say their goodbyes.

This story is proof that all officers deserve the highest of honors, two-legged or four.

Source: Fox 61