The mass shooting in Las Vegas that took 59 lives and injured hundreds more, is a tragedy that can’t be measured in statistics, only tears. In spite of the initial terror, as a strong, willful nation, we will continue to rise above it. We will pick up the pieces and continue on because that is what Americans do. But for one man, picking up the pieces was impossible since the biggest piece in his life was still missing…

Ryan Needham attended the music festival with his fiance and his therapy dog, Roulette, nicknamed “Rou.” During the gunfire and chaos, Rou jumped from Ryan’s arms and vanished into the crowd of 22,000 people. Understandably, Ryan was devastated.

The California couple refused to go back home until Rou was found. They were living in their truck, searching for her every moment of the day. Shortly after the shooting, a reporter, Reed Cowan with News 3 Las Vegas, heard their story and made it his personal mission to help them find Rou.

Cowan took to social media and the story went viral with hundreds of shares and views. Some Good Samaritans even showed up to help look for Rou near and around the venue.

72 hours after Rou went missing, the dog and her owner were reunited in a field next to where the shooting took place. According to Ryan, he was speaking to some News 3 viewers when he caught sight of Rou.

“We saw her run by as we were talking to your viewers,” Needham told Cowan. “I jumped over the fence, I kneeled down, and she ran and jumped into my arms!”

Overcome with emotion, Cowan took to Facebook Live to announce the good news!

“There are no words,” Needham said. “It’s crazy. I’m so glad everybody’s spirits can be lifted by our dog’s story. Maybe it can help a little but I guess… I don’t know. This dog is a symbol of hope. She’s the new mascot for Vegas.”

Rou, a little thinner, dirtier and certainly traumatized, is back in her owner’s arms — a happy ending this country desperately needed!

h/t I Heart Dogs