This HERO Came Home from the War with PTSD. Look Who Helped Her Feel Human Again.

They say war changes you. No one can relate to this better than Linda, a soldier who saw the horrors of war first-hand when she was on a tour of duty in Iraq. Linda returned home with PTSD, suffering from problems sleeping, panic attacks, and as she puts it, “a loss of yourself.”

When therapy didn’t work, Linda turned to Tender Loving Canines, who paired her with a service dog named Willow. It was the start of a new day for this war hero. They fell in love, and more than that, Willow helped Linda sleep, feel safe, be more comfortable in public, and socialize. Willow forced┬áLinda to talk to people, to plug herself back into the world around her. She helped her human feel happiness again.

Today, Linda is a psychiatric nurse practitioner; she and willow help other vets dealing with PTSD. In our book, they’re both heroes.