Their Autistic Son Couldn’t Be Outside On His Own. This Dog Changed Everything…BEAUTIFUL!

It’s thanks to Ruby that the Tingum family can now go out all together and enjoy their down time in relative peace. Their son Garrett lives with mild cerebral palsy, severe autism and additional issues. He would constantly try to escape the house, run onto the street, and even climb into people’s cars. That made their outings dangerous for Garrett, who is nine years old.

It’s quite a bit of work to take care of him. Some of his behaviors pose danger to those around him and to himself. So his mom and dad called in the cavalry. And by cavalry, we mean Tender Loving Canines, a program that trains and matches humans to service dogs that will help them in their daily lives.

Ruby has created a safer environment for Garrett. They go out together, and if he ever runs away she’s there to go find him! If he even tries to run out into the street she is trained to brace and stop him from doing so. It’s amazing what she does to keep her human family safe.

As you continue to hear Garrett’s parents describe the change in their lives since Ruby has come into it, you realize how magical service dogs are. And as you continue to watch the video, you’ll realize that Ruby isn’t just a helping hand; she has become Garrett’s best friend and a member of the family.