Week After Week, He Waited for Someone to Save Him. When He Finds Out Someone Wants Him? Just Watch.

A shelter dog can only do so much to give himself a second chance at finding a forever home. He can wait for weeks, months even, for a family to come by and decide that he’s the one they want. But when he’s in a high-kill shelter? His time, and opportunities, are limited.

Benny was just such a dog. He was shy, and maybe that kept him from getting adopted. Week after week, he would wait with no success. And he was close to learning all about what a high-kill shelter does when nobody wants you. But then, the right family did appear, and they did pick Benny to come be a part of their home.

And all it takes is that first tail wag to see just how much it meant to Benny. This sweet, shy dog can barely contain his joy and excitement at finding a forever home. And we can barely contain our tears of happiness watching him leave the shelter on his way to a happier life. Every shelter dog deserves this.