Children, especially babies, need a lot of sleep!

They’re growing a lot, and each day is jam-packed with fun things to tire them out. Once that sleep bug bites, it’s hard to fight it. I am sure even as an adult, you totally get what I mean. That sleep bug has serious venom!

Trying to stay awake during a movie after a long day can feel like climbing Mount Everest! Dogs and babies seriously go together pawfectly. There’s this magic that happens between them. Like this duo! A tot, dressed in his adorable pj’s, is on the floor hanging out with his doggo. When suddenly that sleep bug bites! OH BOY!



The baby begins to close his eyes and sway, then open his eyes, then close them again. His dog totally knows what’s going on and stays close by, giving encouraging kisses. The next thing that happens is so heartwarming, I swear I felt my whole body smile! You can’t watch this just once or keep it to yourself! It’s that precious!