Door? No door can contain this smart dog. Bambi is a Great Dane who clearly has issues with confinement. When her dad locks her in with a child-proof gate and walks away, she wastes NO time going to work. Seriously, folks, we can’t stress just how impressive this cool dog trick is. Not only does Bambi figure out how to open the gate with her teeth (we’d like to see you humans try that), but she also realizes that to open the gate, you need to lift the doohickey up to a 90-degree angle (who designed this thing?) and then push the darn thing open.

For good measure, Bambi even pushes the lever back down once the gate is open, because hey, that’s just the polite thing to do. She then makes an extremely casual break for freedom. I guess she figured, “Eh, no big deal, I can get through that door anytime I want to.” Well done, Bambi. Well done indeed.

Epic Canine Escapes

Bambi is one smart dog, but she’s not the only one to pull off an amazing escape. Check out how this cat and dog work together, even using props and tools, to open the kitchen door and run. Why any pet would want to leave the kitchen, where all the food is, is beyond us, but we’re still incredibly impressed. Although to be completely fair to the cat, the dog really doesn’t provide anything other than moral support, except until the very end, where he maybe gives the door a little nudge.

And speaking of one-sided duos, Twich does all the work when it comes to freeing his pal Sophie from her kennel. In a truly theatrical display of skill, their mom even covers the kennel with a blanket for an extra layer of difficulty. Nicely done, Twich!

We hope these canine Houdinis keep breaking out of gates, doors, cages and kennels for years to come. We need to learn their secret!