His Owner Gives Him a Paintbrush. What He Does With It? I’m SPEECHLESS!

We know Jumpy from his really cool videos that show off some pretty rad moves. He does crazy aerial jumps, and walks on his front paws as if he was doing a handstand. And his human records his cool moves in slow motion. It’s very clear that he’s an incredibly smart dog.

But we never imagined he is THIS smart. This video is quite different from his usual recordings. Instead of being in slow motion it’s sped up, and you might be wondering why Jumpy is indoors and why he’s holding a brush. This might be his most impressive trick to date. Even more impressive than walking in a handstand.

Jumpy writes his name! That’s it. We’re going to start calling him a genius dog. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a dog who can write his name. And we are so impressed. Jumpy, you’re the coolest!