Marika Hamilton Meeks was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her life as a mom and wife was turned upside down. Her diagnosis swallowed her whole. After her diagnosis, she felt cut off from her family and engulfed by anxiety. Her youngest daughter, who was always close with Meeks, had a hard time coping as well. The diagnosis became a wedge between them.

The family knew they had to do something. They adopted a dog named Stella. But Stella was the one who rescued them! With Stella’s companionship, Meeks felt less alone. She began to smile again. That worry that took over her life, slowly melted away.

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The best part? Stella brought Meeks and her daughter back together again. This happy, go lucky dog that was just being herself, healed her new family.

Even though Meeks was in remission, her battle scars were taking over her life. But…

Stella helped Meeks see that life is still beautiful and worth living. She reminds her of this every single day! Now, isn’t that amazing?