This dog has the most adorable reaction to his owner’s shower singing habit…

Go ahead… admit it. When you’re in the shower, you turn into the best singer in the world, capable of reaching notes that would make opera singers weep with joy.

Most people feel the same way. So does the guy in this video… his German Shepherd, however, does not agree. Meet Maximus, a lovable dog who likes to hang out in the bathroom while his owner showers. He proves how truly loyal he is to his owner by lying there and not running for the hills despite his owner’s not-so-great singing. How do we know he doesn’t like it? Just watch his reaction! ????

Of course, it didn’t take long for this outspoken Alsatian’s owner to notice that Maximus had a funny reaction to his singing, so he decided to set up a camera and share the awesome experience with all of us. So, he began singing “Trolololo” by Eduard Khil… which, in case you haven’t heard, is quite possibly among the top 10 greatest shower songs ever.

While this breed was created to herd other animals, it appears that they also have a refined taste in music. When they’re not around terrible singers and when they get regular exercise, German Shepherds can make great pets. They’re also known for their intelligence and instincts… so if one of them begs you to stop singing, you might want to listen!

Maximus instantly starts pleading for the torture to stop (or is he correcting his singing?). We can’t blame him; the ears are one of the most sensitive areas of a dogs’ body. We would beg for it to end as well. Maybe this German Shepherd was a singer in a past life.

She Smacks the Big Husky With Her Toy. The Dog’s Reaction? Precious.

A Siberian Husky is a big, active dog who isn’t afraid to let his voice be heard. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it’s not the safest animal to have around a small child. But this dog and baby will convince you that huskies can be as gentle and playful with tiny humans as any creature.

The baby in the video is playing with her toy, and she decides to let her big friend in on the game. She smacks the toy over his head a few times, and he eventually takes it from her and chews on it.

A Tiny Frog Crawls Down His Face. The Dog’s Reaction? Perfect.

Now this is one cool, collected, and awfully cute French bulldog. He’s out relaxing and catching some sun when he gets an unexpected visit from one of the locals. A tiny frog decides today is a perfect day to climb down a dog’s face.

Most humans would either freak out, slap the frog away, or at least shake their head in a somewhat vigorous manner. But this guy? Ice in his veins. He barely twitches (ok, he twitches a bit) as his new friend makes his way down his face. It just goes to show how gentle dogs can be, and how they can form the most unlikely of friendships!

Aflição define!

Aflição define!

Posted by Seu Buldogue Francês on Friday, March 18, 2016

He Came Home After Two Months. The Welcome He Got From His Dog? ADORABLE!

It’s impossible for us to explain to our dogs that we have to go away for a while. Whether it’s a day or several years, they simply don’t get why the human they love so much is suddenly gone. Sarah’s Dad, Jason, has been gone for two whole months. That’s forever in dog years! And Jason might have gone away for work, but Sarah doesn’t know that!

So when he walks in the door, this adorable furbaby simply can’t contain her happiness. The excited dog immediately asks to be picked up and then absolutely showers her human with love and licks. Her whining and unbridled joy just shows how much love a dog has for her family.

Next time, work from home, Daddy!