He Stalks ‘Unkempt’ Dog To Sacred Place No One’s Allowed Into

One dog that’s covered in filth and matted beyond belief won’t let anyone near her. When someone tries to approach, she runs away. She’s fast too! When someone finally followed her, the poor dog led him to another dog that looks just like her!

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The man follows both dogs to a house filled with trash. It’s surrounded by dangerous things that could harm them. But then the man realizes why the two dogs hide. They’re protecting something sacred.

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Their baby!

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The man thinks that the dogs are on their own but then the strangest thing happens. A woman walks to the house and goes right in through the door. The dogs don’t even seem to mind.

The man is in awe. He goes and knocks on the door and asks if she’s the dogs’ caretaker. She doesn’t want to deal with him and gets angry. So he goes over to the neighbors and pleads for them to help. They try to talk to the angry woman.

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She says she feeds them but that is all. She can’t care for them other than that because she can’t “catch them.” They also run from her. The neighbors beg to let the man help. They tell her they need to be bathed and groomed.

She finally gives in. A rescue group is called in and now it is time to get these dogs the help that they need. They come with a vet that volunteers his time. First, they catch the puppy. They say he’s too weak to run away. So sad!

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Then they work on catching mom. She hides in the trash pile. They try to get to her but she’s spooked and takes off. She hides beneath a car.

With the net in hand, the animal rescuers approach. They have to push her out. It’s scary, sure, but she needs help! Once she’s in the crate, the vet walks over. He’s appalled by her condition. He says it’s been at least five years since she was bathed and groomed last. How terrible!

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They rescue the daddy dog next. Once all the dogs are safe in the crates, it’s time to head to the medical center. The mama dog is okay but they have to get all the matted hair off of her. They can’t even imagine how she’s been nursing her baby like this!

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They shave pounds and pounds of hair off of her. She’s going to feel so much better!

After both dogs are shaved, they give them clothes to wear to keep them warm. Losing all that hair is a shock to the system. They don’t want them to be cold.

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Now that they’re all in good condition, they will be sent to a family who can care for them. The rescue group is going to do all they can to keep the doggy family together. That’s great news! We are thrilled that these dogs are now safe and clean. Here’s to a new happy life, doggy family!

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Dog Abused And Chained For 10 Years Finally Learns What It’s Like To Be Loved

Judith, formerly named Judas by her mean owners, spent the first 10 years of her life on a chain exposed to the elements and without ample food and water.

She was abused and neglected and didn’t know what it felt like to be loved. Neighbors even reported seeing the owners peeing on her from the porch.

Despite the neglect and abuse being reported several times, this carried on for years and years. The dog became weighed down as her fur collected clumps of mud and even her own feces.

Source: Animal Advocates

The local SPCA didn’t charge her owners with animal cruelty and offered to put Judith down for $50. The day before she would’ve been euthanized, rescuers from the Animal Advocates Society stepped in to save her life.

Poor Judith could barely walk due to her painful hips, and she was severely emaciated and dehydrated. Her new haircut revealed just how skinny she actually was. The dog was cleaned up and received a bit of TLC, and all it took was one couple who took one look at her and just had to have her!

Source: Animal Advocates

The old girl’s hips eventually gave out, so they got her a custom wheelchair to chase squirrels and play. On trips to the beach, she could go without the wheelchair and she had the time of her life! After 18 months, Judith crossed the rainbow bridge. Her life may have been tragic for a long time, but the love she found toward the end let her finally know what it was like to be a real dog. 🙂 May she rest in peace.

This Dog’s Transformation Will Make You Believe That Only The Good Guys Win!

When a sad story comes across my desk, I often debate whether it’s worth sharing. Will it upset my favorite audience? Or will it inspire them? This story will certainly do the latter.

The AMA Animal Rescue based in Brooklyn, New York, met the saddest little dog with the saddest story. Zeus had been abused and neglected. He was petrified of humans, riddled with mange and other injuries. He shook at the sight of people, unsure of what they might do next. His experience with people had never been good…

But these humans were NOT going to let anyone hurt him ever again! They pulled him out of his crate to assess his injuries. They tested his mange to see what kind it was. The medical team also realized that a severe ear infection that went untreated, had left him deaf. There was no way they could stand back any longer. Aggressive treatment had to be done to save his life! The medical team went to work immediately.

Zeus was shaved so all his matting was gone. Then, they gave him medical baths to heal his painful skin. As each day went on, and as each medical issue was addressed, a stronger Zeus prevailed. He became more comfortable around humans and more comfortable in his own gorgeous skin.

As the video progresses, you will see a transformation that is seriously SO AMAZING, you can’t help but believe that anything is pawsible… and that giving up is NEVER an option. What will happen to Zeus next? His fairytale ending is incredible! You can’t miss it!

Homeless And In Pain, Dog Walks Right Into Someone’s Yard And Collapses

Hope For Paws received a call about a dog that was in obvious distress. With the little energy he had, he wandered into a Good Samaritan’s yard and collapsed. Eldad and Loreta were quickly on the scene. The Good Samaritan explained that the dog’s paw was swollen and he couldn’t bear weight on it.

From a distance, Eldad and Loreta could see how much the dog had fought to survive. He was utterly exhausted, in pain, and in need of a rescue!

The dog was later given the name Milo. Very fitting for the handsome warrior! Milo told Eldad he was in pain and not to touch him by bearing his teeth. It wasn’t in an aggressive manner, just his way of saying “please be gentle with me.” Eldad and Loreta used a blanket to make a gurney so they didn’t have to touch Milo or apply any pressure to his body while carrying him. Poor pup!

Once Milo arrived at the rescue center, he received immediate care. The doctor explained that his injuries were sustained from a dog bite. Living on the streets is cruel and unrelenting, especially for a sweet dog like Milo.

After a bath and a bandage, Milo’s on his way to recovery. But the next big step is finding him a forever home. Will Milo get the family he so desperately deserves? You’ll just have to watch to find out! This is one rescue you don’t want to miss! ???? I Heart Hope For Paws! ????