A Tiny Frog Crawls Down His Face. The Dog’s Reaction? Perfect.

Now this is one cool, collected, and awfully cute French bulldog. He’s out relaxing and catching some sun when he gets an unexpected visit from one of the locals. A tiny frog decides today is a perfect day to climb down a dog’s face.

Most humans would either freak out, slap the frog away, or at least shake their head in a somewhat vigorous manner. But this guy? Ice in his veins. He barely twitches (ok, he twitches a bit) as his new friend makes his way down his face. It just goes to show how gentle dogs can be, and how they can form the most unlikely of friendships!

Aflição define!

Aflição define!

Posted by Seu Buldogue Francês on Friday, March 18, 2016

This Puppy and Baby Square Off. When the Bulldog Starts Spinning? AWW!

There is an eternal bond between dogs and babies, and this funny French bulldog definitely loves his human kid with ALL his heart.

Dogs have learned throughout the ages how to make their humans happy. They can read even the smallest changes in our body language. From raised eyebrows to crinkled lips, they know by instinct how their human feels. How cool is that?

Rupert here doesn’t need to strain too hard to notice the small changes that his 6-month-old human is going through. Just listen to the baby’s joyous laughter! We love it. And Rupert loves making him laugh!

Look at that cute Frenchie spin. We aren’t quite sure who made us smile more in this video. Rupert’s spins are adorable, and the baby’s laughter is precious. We couldn’t decide, but one thing we know for sure: We love this Frenchie and can’t get enough of his silly joy!

Two bears were ready to cause trouble. Now watch who comes RUNNING to chase them off.

Bears can be some of the most mischievous of wild animals. They live in the wild, but once in a while they find their way to the fringes of civilization and like to cause some trouble. If left alone they’ll usually just search through the trash or maybe try to get at the closest food possible. If free food and a bit of fun is involved, then they are all in!

But what happens when they stumble into a home they thought was empty that actually wasn’t? These two bears definitely didn’t think that they would find such a loyal guard dog at this human’s home, and especially not one so… small.

Have you ever seen a Frenchie so ready to protect his owner’s place? We certainly didn’t think that such a sweet and cuddly breed would have the guts to stand up to not just one, but TWO wild bears! This just goes to show that you should never underestimate the smaller pups! They can be just as good guard dogs as their larger cousins!

What a brave little Frenchie!

He asks his pup to TRUST him. What does Rocky do? Aww, What a Champ!

French bulldogs might be some of the cutest animals out in our world. We can’t get enough of their huge ears and their sweet personality. We’ve never met a Frenchie who doesn’t want to be friends with everyone they meet. They’re very trusting pups.

Like this Frenchie puppy. He would need to trust his owner to do what he does. What is that, you ask? He takes a leap of faith from the couch straight into his human’s arms! And it’s the cutest trust activity you will ever watch.

We’re sure he’s the only dog who knows what it feels like to temporarily fly because that leap that he takes is no small little jump. And he loves it. He gets so excited before taking that leap!

You know what makes this better? His name. Let us introduce you to Rocky. In case you didn’t already think this puppy was a champ, now you have confirmation.