These Guard Dogs See Snow and Forget All About Work. But When Duty Calls? Play Time is Over!

These three Maremma/Great Pyrenees dogs love the snow! They couldn’t help but get distracted from their duties and play in it for a while. As livestock guard dogs they should always be alert while on the field. After all, it’s their job to keep an eye out in case the livestock is ever in danger.

But we can’t really blame them for being entertained by such a cool and fun distraction. Snow only comes around during one season of the year, and these pups were basically made to be in it. Look at one of them roll around in it! He’s so cute.

The three guard dogs quickly forget about the snow when one of them hears something in the distance. They show excellent livestock guard dog behavior; Fingal and King are out on point while Maple hangs back to protect the livestock (in this case it’s their owner who is filming). We’re not sure what it was they went after, but they sure know how to flip the switch!

Source: Livestock guard dogs go from play to work in seconds by Brooke on Rumble