The American Kennel Club describes dalmatians as “smart, loyal and loving” dogs within their personal circle of friends and family. They forgot to add that they’re also incredibly expressive. At least, one of them is. Gabby the 10-year-old Dal is one smiling dog who loves to show off her pearly whites. And okay, maybe that grin is a little toothier than we’d like in a smile, but it’s still adorable.

You can see that she’s totally into it too. All it takes is a little encouragement from her family and her tail starts wagging, she screws up her face and that absolutely unleashes that smile. It’s adorable! And the more they encourage her, the wide that smile gets. Of course, if Gabby always gets cuddled and caressed like that when she smiles, it’s no surprise that she enjoys hamming it up!

And Gabby is not the only overtly cheerful dalmatian running around. Check out Rupert the super-smiley dalmatian from across the pond, and Simon the dalmatian who has a guilty smile that obviously gets him out of all kinds of trouble. Who knew this was a thing with dalmatians? Are all dalmatians born with this natural born ability to smile? If you have a dalmatian that does this, let us know about it in the comments!

The Most Famous Smiling Dog of All

Gabby, Rubert and Simon all smile for different reasons, but when it comes to guilty looks, one smiling dog takes the cake. Yup, we’re looking at you, Denver.

The most famous smile in dogdom made Denver a viral sensation that spawned a fair share of copycats… er, dogs. So naturally, the only logical thing to do is to host the first-ever smiling dog competition. Who else thinks this is a good idea? We bet Gabby does! Let us know if you agree, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!