Cockatoo Refused To Go To Her Cage And Throws Hilarious “Temper Tantrum”

Sometimes kids can be a handful, especially when they don’t listen. It’s not uncommon for children to throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. But this temper tantrum is nothing like any you’ve ever seen before. And that’s because it isn’t a child, but rather a Cockatoo!

This Cockatoo, named Pebble, was told to go back to her cage, but she has other things in mind. She refuses to listen and shows her anger with a hilarious temper tantrum.


She rambles on and on for a few minutes to her human dad who keeps telling her to come to him. Some of what she says is hard to understand, but she does throw in a few curse words.

2:43 into the video, Pebble’s dad asks her if she has an attitude, and she responds with “Ya, that’s right!” It’s clear that this sassy bird is not afraid to let her feelings be known and she definitely won’t take any orders from anyone.


Sadly, Pebble has gone from home to home in the past 20 years, but she’s finally with a loving family who takes great care of her. She may get moody sometimes, but she’s a great bird!


Cockatoos are a type of Parrot, which are famous for imitation of speech. Some Parrots, like the African Grey Parrot, are able to mimic human speech or sounds perfectly, but Cockatoos are not as good at it. While they can imitate sounds and words, their accuracy is limited, which explains why it’s sometimes hard to understand what Pebble is saying.

Guide Dog’s Reaction To Meeting His Hero Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

Our dogs deserve so much because they do so much for us (and ask for little in return). A hard-working guide dog, named Ace, had the opportunity to go to Disney World with his human. Most of Ace’s trip was spent at his human’s side, doing his job. What Ace does for his human is instinctual, he can’t just shut it off. But his human wanted to know how much she appreciates and loves Ace so she took him to meet someone she knew would make his day… PLUTO!

Ace has so much love in his heart for his human. And his human knows that. What better way to reward a dog who is so selfless and kind than to take him to meet his idol!

Once Ace and Pluto come face-to-face, Ace’s reaction is pure magic. And how fitting because Disney World is a magical place!

The video below is proof that our dreams can come true! Ace, thank you for all your hard work and service! You deserve every good thing that comes your way! All good dogs do! Share this to put a smile on someone’s face today!

Dog’s Favorite Toy Comes To Life (And She Loses Her Mind!)

We love our dogs. It’s a fact! What wouldn’t we do to make them happy? Jolene is the sweetest dog and her parents want to reward her for all her good behavior. She has an obsession with her Gumby toy. No worries, it’s a healthy obsession 🙂 She takes her Gumby toy everywhere- nibbles on him, cuddles with him. They’re the best of friends.

So, her humans had a genius idea. Her dad decided to get a Gumby costume and become her toy… but life-size! Would Jolene be afraid or totally in love? It was a gamble, of course.

The camera rolls as her Gumby-Dad walks into the room. Jolene is actually in the middle of chewing on her little Gumby. She looks up from her dog bed, stands up slowly (her eyes are so wide! LOL!), then makes her way over to giant Gumby.

This is when Jolene pretty much loses her mind. The happiness, the excitement, the love she has for giant Gumby (and her dad) is just too much to deny! She attacks big Gumby like he’s a giant piece of bacon. But better! Her sibling makes his way over and she’s like, um, no Bro, this toy is mine!

Truthfully, I’ve seen thousands of dog videos but this is certainly on my top ten list. It’s just too adorable not to watch over and over again (and share!) In fact, I have it bookmarked on my computer so I can watch it when I’m having a blah day. It cheers me up instantly!

Couple Thinks They’re Adopting A Tiny Puppy, Then Realize The Puppy Is Something Else Entirely

Sue Markham fell head-over-heels in love with a tiny shelter puppy named Yogi Bear. Her husband said she could adopt him so long as he was NOT a big dog. So, Sue did what many dog lovers are tempted to do… She lied! She told her husband that Yogi Bear is a Jack Russell Terrier (and he believed her!)

Darren O’Brien/Mercury Press

Well, it turns out that Yogi Bear is actually a Great Dane and now, 9 years later, weighs nearly 200 lbs! Sue’s husband, Robert Markham says he was shocked when he realized the tiny puppy was not so tiny after all. He also says that it didn’t matter. He had already loved him with all his heart!

Yogi is no average Great Dane either. He’s 65 lbs over the average weight and stands at 6 feet 11 inches tall. OH EM GEE!

To be fair, Sue claims she had no idea Yogi would be this big but neither she or her husband would trade him for a smaller model. He fits his family perfectly!

Yogi is so large that he uses a horse blanket as a coat! WHOA. He also prefers to lie on the couch because dog beds are just too small for him. His parents don’t mind at all! They happily lie beside him, giving him lots of affection.

This gentle giant also loves car rides because he knows that car rides mean he’s going into town and he’s kind of a town celebrity.

Watch Yogi’s entire story below! And remember how important it is to adopt from your local shelter. Even if you’re unsure of a dog’s genetic makeup, ALL dogs deserve loving homes, big and small alike!