Little Girls Start Dancing To Their Favorite Song, But It’s Their Horse That Steals The Show

Two adorable little girls are getting ready to ride their favorite horse. The horse is tied to the fence so they could easily step up onto the saddle, which can be a struggle for little legs to reach.

Then, mom, unable to resist herself, plays the girls’ favorite song and starts filming. Athletes often stretch before a game, these kids like to break it down!

Normally the girls would be the center of attention but their horse steals the show. He just can’t help but feel the groove too. For 30 seconds, the trio has a grand old time doing the whip and nay-nay. Wait, the Nay-Nay? HA! Could that be the reason the horse can’t resist himself? It’s horse language!

After their dance party, the girls and their favorite horse have a wonderful time frolicking around. I wonder if they had another dance party the next time they got ready to ride because I would love to see this all over again (and again)!

Police Dog Sick Of The Sidelines Steals Soccer Ball Mid-Game

Work and no play? No way! Not with this pup! While working a soccer game in Bolivia, this police dog grew tired of the sidelines. He slipped his lead and ran full throttle onto the field. The dog working to keep the crowd off the field just couldn’t help but run onto it. The ball action was too tempting.

At approximately 37 minutes into the game between Blooming and Nacional Potosí, the furry soccer fan slipped his handler’s grip and ran onto the field. With the skills of a professional and the aid of his mouth, the dog took hold of the ball and ran his little heart out. With players and his handler chasing him, he still managed to dominate the field long enough to make a viral video.

While some players may have been annoyed, as well as the police guards, the crowd and announcers loved every second! And of course, as dog lovers, we are all going wild for the footage, nevermind the game 😉

He’s by far the cutest athlete on the field! Just look at him go in the video below!

Her Puppy Kept Escaping So She Set Up A Surveillance Camera. The Footage Blew Her Away!

Adopting young puppies comes with a lot of responsibilities. Because they are not trained or housebroken, LOTS of rules need to be learned before they can be trusted to wander around on their own. Not just to protect our homes from “messes” but for their safety as well! For many families, crate training is the perfect solution.

When this family adopted their new puppy, Sophie, they decided to place her in her crate for training purposes and to make sure their older (and much larger!) dog, Twitch, didn’t get her into things she wasn’t quite ready for.

But every single time the family locked the puppy up, Sophie would escape! The family could NOT figure it out so they did what modern-day folks do, they set up a surveillance camera to see what was going on. They did not expect the footage to be THIS GOOD!

We worry, when we add a new addition, that our first dog will feel slighted or not like the new pet but Twitch proved that there is always room in one’s heart for a fluffy puppy! Watch the video below for some serious “Awwwww’s.” Seriously, how can anyone not LOVE dogs?!

The Neighbor’s Dog Struggled To Say “Hello” So Woman Does The Sweetest Thing

Being a good neighbor usually means being considerate and cordial. We pray if we move into a new neighborhood or if a new family moves next to us, that we have a positive experience but that isn’t always the case. However, for this dog, she just couldn’t get enough of her neighbors and it’s the cutest thing EVER!

Jennifer Bowman, from California, did the cutest thing for a dog who was always eager to say “hello” to her and her pooch. Due to a tall wooden fence between the two properties, the neighbor’s dog, Penny, had to jump REALLY high to say “hi” — and it seemed pretty exhausting. So to be a kind and considerate neighbor, Bowman took matters into her own hands. With a drill and a smile!

Bowman wrote online: “Got tired of the neighbors German Shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot. I think she likes it.”

Bowman drilled three perfect holes so Penny can “visit.” The result is absolutely amazing (and totally adorable!) If only all neighbors could have a heart like Bowman does, the world would be a better place!