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Police Dog Nabs Suspect Wanted In Several States

A police dog is being hailed a hero after apprehending a guy who ran away from officers. According to the Massachusetts State Police, not only did the suspect run away from their troopers, he’s been on the run from the law for quite some time. But not anymore!

“Tank” the police K9 put an end to what police say appears to be quite a crime spree.

Troopers got a call about a car that broke down along Route 495 in Salisbury, MA. When they arrived they found the car, but no driver. Police ordered the car to be towed, and soon after found out the driver had been picked up by a good Samaritan to get gas. Somehow the driver flagged down the tow truck driver, who called police saying the driver of the car appeared drunk.

When the squad car arrived on the scene, the driver of the car took one look at the trooper and took off. Not a good sign.

The tow truck driver handed the trooper a slip the car’s driver filled out. Doing some detective work, the trooper ran the guy’s info and found out he was wanted in Florida for battery on a police officer, he also had another warrant in Massachusetts and a suspended driver’s license.

At this point, the trooper called in Tank and his partner, Trooper Tom Janeczak. When the dog arrived, officers yelled out into the woods warning the guy they were about to release the K9 officer and asked the man to give himself up. No response. Apparently, he had no idea that Tank’s skills were pretty keen.

Tank got the guy’s scent and ran into the woods. Troopers then heard branches crackling and snapping ahead of them. They called the dog back and again yelled for the guy to give himself up. Still no response.

Tank went back to work, looking for the suspect. Then, all of a sudden, there was a big commotion and troopers heard the suspect yelling for Tank to get off him.

When troopers found Tank and the suspect, police say the man was trying to choke Tank with his own collar. But Tank was resilient and held the guy until police could nab him.

The guy is now in jail facing several charges, including mistreatment/interference with a police dog. And Massachusetts State Police are now calling Tank a real canine crime fighter.


Contributed by: Mary Schwager, aka, WatchdogMary , a TV and print journalist that proudly watchdogs for animals. She’s honored to have won 14 Emmy, 7 Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards for investigative reporting & writing


Boy Steps Up To A Group Of Grown Men Who Were Beating A Fox, Saves Its Life

Animal cruelty is a disgusting act performed by cowards. Every animal has the right to live in peace, free of suffering. Yet, there are people in this world who think it’s okay to take that basic right away by neglecting an animal or inflicting harm themselves. Animal lovers will not stand for it!

A group of grown men thought it would be fun to tie a poor fox up, tape his mouth shut, and beat him senseless. But this fox had a guardian angel! A 15-year-old boy, named Luke Rowles, saw what was taking place and even though he was outnumbered, and clearly outsized, he intervened on the fox’s behalf.



Rowles went up to the group of men, shouted at them, then grabbed the poor fox to get him out of harm’s way. Rowles put his own safety on the line to save an animal in crisis and for that, we as animal lovers, are both thankful and relieved.

The fox was brought to a rehabilitation center where his wounds were tended to. He stayed at the center until he was healthy enough to be released back into the wild. As for the men in question, they will have to answer to a higher power. Rowles continues being a hero to animals by volunteering his time, and courage, to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.


She Found Him All Alone On The Beach, Sad And Afraid. His Rescue Is “Pure Poetry”

“He was so alone but at the same time, so proud.”

While vacationing at the beach with her family, Valia Orfanidou spotted a stray dog watching them from afar. He was too afraid to approach but it was obvious he was interested in what they were up to. Sadly, many dogs are dumped in Greece. Lou was likely dumped in a wooded area but made his way to the beach where he could find food. It was there he found Valia.

The dog, named Lou, continued to hang around but keep a safe distance. He watched the family as they ate and played. For ten days, Valia worked to earn his trust so she could finally approach him. When she did, she realized he was a sweet dog with a dream of finding a forever family who would NEVER abandon him again. Valia had to leave him behind because her car was full but she returned the very next day and rescued him. She is now searching for the perfect family who will give Lou the life he deserves.

If you follow Orphan Pet, as I do, then you know that Valia is quite poignant in her words. She wrote this:

“It’s almost been a month since I brought Lou back from that beach, and I want him to find his forever home as soon as possible. Not because he is more special than all the others, but because he is ready, he was always ready. There is nothing more for me to offer him, nothing more to say about him, nothing more to do. It might seem like I am the one who helped him, but the truth is that he helped me more. He helped me appreciate the beauty and the sadness of our beautiful beaches and our romantic Greek summers, and he made those ten days unforgettable. Those walks down the beach were pure poetry, all thanks to the beauty of his lonely and proud soul. In a country with millions of strays, dogs like Lou are always left behind. Their rescue does not seem urgent enough, but trust me, it is. The average lifespan of a stray is 2 years, and usually, in touristic places, the dogs you see one year are never there the next, because they are either deliberately poisoned or suffer accidents, diseases, and starvation. Leaving Lou behind to face the cruel and unfair winter of the Greek countryside was simply not an option.”

Watch Lou’s story below. I pray that he finds his home soon. Please visit the Orphan Pet website to learn more about Lou and other courageous dogs like him!


Hurricane Harvey VICTORIES!

As we turn on the news, open our Facebook app, or overhear chatter at the supermarket, the conversation is focused on Hurricane Harvey and its devastation. What we all need, and crave, is to actually see what happens when humans get together and refuse to allow Mother Nature’s wrath to defeat them.

These videos are reminders of what happens when we stick together. When we refuse to let flood waters take what is precious from us and embrace perfect strangers, we can overcome almost anything, even a disaster of massive proportions like this one.

Our animals are our family and we will NOT let them perish. Not without risking our own lives to save theirs.

Some rescues are merely gestures while some are on a grander scale. Regardless, ALL rescues matter. ALL rescues show what humanity is made of… and that’s THE TOUGH STUFF!


 Here, courtesy of The Weather Channel, you can see how frightened these dogs are while they are freezing cold, stranded on a roof. But no one will leave them behind! That is just NOT an option!


Here are some photos and video clips brought to us from TIME. Even though the pets are scared, they are in good hands! 



A human, whose dog means the world to him, uses a paddle and paddle board to calmly escape the overbearing waters. Their embrace, half way through, will give you all the feels!



Stay tuned for more inspiring, feel good highlights as we get through this difficult time TOGETHER!

-XO The I Love My Dog Team ????