In this case, the popular pet adopter phrase “who really rescued who?” really applies. For a veteran who accepted that his life was no longer worth living, needed a rescue like no other! After a traumatic brain injury and the painful battle scars of PTSD, Army Sgt. Josh Marino was in so much pain that he felt his only way out was to end his own life. “I did not want to deal with it anymore,” Josh said. “I took out one of my knives … I wrote a letter on my computer… and smoked a cigarette in the rain. It was going to be my last one.”

Josh was just outside his barracks at Fort Riley in Kansas. Ready to say goodbye, he braced himself for one last cigarette. Suddenly, he heard the bushes behind him rustling and then a faint “meow.”

“This little black and white kitten comes out of the bushes. He just walked up and started rubbing up against my leg and let me pet him. I broke down crying, burst into tears. Maybe he knew there was something I couldn’t quite handle.” Josh says in his short film Josh & Scout, a Mutual Rescue.

Josh explains, “I stopped thinking about all my problems and started thinking about all his problems and what I could do to help him.”

“Everyday I went outside with a packet of tuna… he ate his food. Hopped up on my lap. After a little while, he recognized my voice.”

“This cat gave me something to look forward to everyday. He didn’t see anything wrong with me. He didn’t see any flaws or imperfections. It felt safe.”

Then, one day, Josh shows up, calls out for the kitten but there is no sign of him. Although his absense is devastating, the kitten opened up a new world for Josh. He realized he could care for someone and that someone could care for him.

Josh started dating a girl he knew from high school named Becky. Then one day, they were walking down the street together and noticed an adoption event going on. They went inside the shelter. There was a crate with a meowing kitten inside. Josh got closer. Suddenly, the kitten’s paw reached out and touched his arm. A very special kitten…

Can you guess who it was?

The kitten finally got a name, Scout, and an official home with Josh- who was being medically discharged and getting ready to move back home to Pittsburgh. Scout continued to motivate his human. Josh started to eat better, exercise, he even quite smoking! Things didn’t stop there…
Josh truly went from suicidal to truly HAPPY!

Josh and Scout truly rescued one another. See the whole story below!