Social media is taking over the world. You can seriously find everything and anything these days just by opening up your laptop or mobile device. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pintrest and of course Twitter, give us media junkies our fill. But weeding through it all is utterly exhausting! That is why these lists are so darn helpful!

Here we bring you a fave Twitter account that never fails to deliver the best stuff in the doggo department.

WeRateDogs … rates dogs. It’s pretty simple YET they do so in the cutest, silliest, and most addictive way. And when a follower submits a photo of their dog that isn’t “dog-like” (according to them), then they respond with a new specie name and a totally absurd description. Absurd in Absurdly Awesome!

Here’s 10 pawdorable, pawfect, puptacular reasons why we LOVE WeRateDogs:


1. Sawyer

2. Lucy

3. Charlie

4. Max

5. Golden Floor Frog

6. Marshmallow (Dog)

7. Darcy

8. Moose

9. Arctic Speed Bear

10. Venezuelan Hover Wiener