A man with a hunting license, armed with a rifle, decided to go for a walk through the woods. He knows his way around well and sometimes goes to get fresh air and clear his head. Beyond the brook, he hears strange noises. Noises he had never heard before. He readies his rifle at his side then goes to investigate…

The hunter takes the long way around where the trees are lush and green. Suddenly, he is face to face with a demonic creature. In the shadows, it looks like something out of nightmares! With huge bloody sharp teeth that look like they could cut like razor blades. How could something so scary roam about? Were innocent lives at stake? For fear of his own life, the hunter lifts his rifle and takes aim.

Behind the creature, a figure appears… “Sir, please, please put your rifle away.” The voice becomes frantic. The figure is a young man and he’s holding a leash. He grabs at the creature’s face and it changes. The hunter is now confused, and as the creature comes closer, his stomach sinks. The “creature” now stripped of his razor-sharp fangs is merely a large dog. A mixed breed, named Sammy, who is more interested in knocking the hunter over with sniffs and kisses than taking a bite out of him.

“Son, I could’ve shot him.”

Sammy was wearing a popular new dog accessory, a werewolf muzzle. Its benefits are that the dog can easily open and close his mouth, which makes panting a lot easier. Muzzles are becoming a requirement in some cities and this “cool alternative” is being sold online on hundreds of sites.

It is important to know what this is and the kind of fear it can instill. To us, it’s insanely stupid when we live in a world where people tend to act first and then think later. Had the dog owner not reached the hunter in time, who knows what could have happened!!! Share this so more people know what this muzzle is and what it looks like. Sharing this could save lives!

Images courtesy of Ruptly, Youtube