The love we have for our pets, and the the love they give back, is deeper and more special the almost any other bond of friendship we have in this world. And when you see that love in action, it sometimes just melts your heart.

Meet Misty the Yorkshire Terrier, who simply loves her baby pal. The baby’s owner, err, parent (we kid), saw the pooch messing with the baby’s blanket while the little guy was fast asleep. He quickly grabbed his camera and began recording.

Misty was hard at work, and you can see her grabbing the blanket with her teeth and moving it all over the place. All of a sudden you realize what this wonderful and loving dog was actually doing, tucking her baby brother in snugly so he could sleep in peace! If that isn’t aww-worthy, we don’t know what is.

This adorable moment caught on camera shows that doggy-baby love is real. The sleeping babe never even noticed that Misty was playing Mom. Once the job was done, the cute pooch just walked away. A job well done.

If you you didn’t love dogs before watching this video, we’re willing to bet you’re now a convert to the dog lovers club.

Terriers are feisty and brave dogs that are known never to back down from anyone, but Misty the Yorkshire Terrier proves that they also have a tender side and are amazing with kids. We’ve learned two thing from this: One, that the sleeping baby is going to have a true friend for life. And two, dogs and babies in a single video is an overload of cute.