Even though we may love our four-legged canine companions more than some of our human friends, we can’t expect them to be as photogenic as cats. The formula for awkward humor is to combine the silliness of some dogs with some rough (or is that”ruff”) camera angles from amateur photographers stalking after the four-legged creatures.

That is when the Instagram page “Dogs Poorly Photographed” comes into play. It’s a fantastic social media initiative that showcases “poorly framed”dog pictures. They have a special something that makes them incredibly alluring.

We like to imagine that off-angle, unsteady photos reveal a hidden aspect of dog life, a side where dogs serve as more than just a pet for their owners. And let’s face it, sometimes we can’t help but take a quick picture to show everyone we know when we see a dog outside. Although the outcome may be low quality, it is authentic.

This is a sign if you want to browse goofy dog pictures during your coffee break. Remember to give each good boy and girl a scratch behind the ears as you scroll down to bring more joy into your lives.

#1 That is so dangerous

#2 Aww?

#3 Woke up like this

#4 Bring Home the Bacon

#5 Boop!

#6 Purple Creature

#7 Rage Rover

#8 Perfect Date

#9 I iz hiding

#10 This dog is a better ballerina

#11 It’s raining dogs today

#12 Henlo Friend. I iz shrub

#13 A Land Seal

#14 Warning idea: Know when to break the car!

#15 *boop the bag snoot*