Pet fitness: Entertaining Indoor And Outdoor Games And Exercises For Dogs

July 29, 2022

An exercise is also a form of therapy for your furry pals, helping to address behavioral problems and maintain a healthy digestive system. Here are some entertaining dog games and workouts for both indoors and outdoors. Want your dog to be happy and healthy? The best approach to maintain their fitness and improve their mental…

Novel Gene Therapy, a Way to Help the Dogs with Osteoarthritis

June 10, 2022

Instead of eagerly getting ready for walks, gleefully tossing around toys, and excitedly greeting their humans at the door, dogs with osteoarthritis become listless, lethargic, and, at times, irritable. It is heartbreaking for the owners to see this painful condition that makes life difficult for their dogs. Now, the University of Colorado Boulder developed a…

Tiktok’s Famous Dog Groomer’s Mission Is To Educate And Train Dog Owners The Importance Of Grooming In Animal Care

A 42-year-old dog groomer named Caroline Donoghue began posting her live streams and how-to videos of her grooming sessions last year and a lot of her videos went viral on Tiktok. She said that her online success was “brilliant but surprising”. She wants to use her influence to emphasize and remind people, especially pet lovers…

What is your dog’s lifespan? You May be Surprised of What You Will Find Out

May 24, 2022

It is generally accepted that dogs’ ages are seven times that of humans. A 1-year-old dog is equivalent to a 7-year-old child and an 11-year-old dog is already a senior. However, experts say that it’s more complicated than that. Science shows that big dogs tend to age faster than small breed dogs. Large breeds’ aging…

dog pee pads

Puppy-proof Your House With These 10 Tips

May 19, 2022

Among the most exciting events in a dog lover’s life is when they finally decide to get a dog. Accompanying that feeling is also the pressure of wanting to know everything a new dog owner needs for when their buddy comes home with them. If you’re about to have a new doggo, keep reading to…

Veterinarian checking on dog

Dog Acupuncture Experience – A Personal Dog Story

May 18, 2022

Recently, Cayenne, my beautiful, loyal dog of 10 years, started showing signs of difficulty in walking. And, as with all pets, when there is a problem, it is immediately your problem. So I immediately went to our veterinarian and had her checked out. The prognosis was a combination of old age, chronic pain and a…


8 Early Warning Signs of Canine Cancer That Dog Owners Can’t Ignore

March 4, 2022

Nobody wants to think about the “C-word,” but unfortunately, cancer is the leading cause of natural death among dogs. According to veterinary oncologist Dave Ruslander, 50% of dogs over age 10 will develop a form of cancer. As the body ages, it becomes more vulnerable to disease. Learn the early signs of canine cancer to keep your…

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